Three-point Material Seven, How To Do Seven Points, To Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

- Oct 15, 2018-

As the saying goes, outdoor furniture three-point material seven.

How to do seven points, the maintenance of your outdoor furniture. No matter the summer heat, or the autumn sun High, in the South are the sun is fierce, rain frequently. And these are the two key factors that hurt outdoor furniture, long-term exposure to outdoor sun and rain in the natural environment, it is very easy to cause outdoor furniture fade, break until completely damaged.

How to maintain outdoor furniture?

Outdoor Furniture

1. After receiving the sun exposure, it is not appropriate to rinse immediately with water, otherwise it will cause direct aging damage to solid wood, imitation rattan, metal, mesh and other materials;

2. In the high temperature sun weather, such as heavy rain, should try to use special cover cover to avoid temperature mutation, damage outdoor furniture;

3. Usually should pay attention to regularly clean the surface of outdoor furniture, especially some rattan furniture, dust easy to penetrate into the gap, regular cleaning is conducive to keep the product smooth, prolong the service life. Be careful not to use alkaline solution when cleaning, do not use hard brush;

4. Some metal wrought iron outdoor furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, to pay attention to check the surface has no bump damage, if so, to brush a little antirust paint up; 

5. Outdoor umbrellas must be put away when not in use, or the wind will easily incur serious damage.

The umbrella seat is heavy, when moving, pay attention to injure a person;

6. Solid wood outdoor Leisure furniture should regularly clean the surface, with brush or sandpaper lightly polished, and then brush on the outdoor special protective oil, such as fully penetrated after re-use. The general proposal does not exceed six months to brush the oil once; 

7. Outdoor furniture supporting cushion and pillow and other fabric, easy to absorb water, pay attention to the rain when the storage, you can also use a special outdoor cushion box storage. Long-term use should be washed after drying storage;