Things To Consider When Choosing A Restaurant Furniture

- Oct 15, 2018-

The choice of furniture occupies a very important place in the decoration of the restaurant. Choose the right restaurant furniture, and reasonable layout and collocation, can greatly enhance the restaurant's grade and taste.

Therefore, the restaurant furniture from the style, material, color, shape and so on should be carefully selected, the right restaurant furniture can not only facilitate customers, but also to create a good atmosphere. The choice of restaurant furniture should pay attention to style handling.

The natural texture of the wood table Chair, full of natural and simple atmosphere; metal plating with artificial leather or textile steel pipe furniture, elegant lines, with a sense of the sense of the style, highlighting the performance of the contrast effect; high-end dark hard-clad furniture, it is elegant, the spirit of deep, rich Han rich oriental sentiment. Choose a table chair to understand the relationship between the Chair and the table.

Generally in the case of eating or resting, the height of the chair is more than 400 mm to 430 mm below the school fit, and the desktop difference of 280 mm or more than 320 mm below the range more comfortable. The table is divided into a western table and a table. The western table is generally square, the middle table is generally round. In western European countries, the more advanced restaurants are round tables. If the restaurant area is larger, it is advisable to use round table, round Table For example type table more rich intimacy.

Ordinary restaurant using square table is better, square table can be merged into a large table at any time to facilitate the reception of large groups of guests. The general restaurant, with small table-based, for two people to four people dining table, more in line with the consumption requirements. Especially the fast-food restaurant, operating profit depends on the number of diners, can let customers eat quickly go, is the more ideal table Form.

Table number of small, even with a few friends, also inconvenient to review to chat loudly, affect the speed of eating. Restaurants, hotels in the restaurant, is generally for groups to eat and set up, the choice of dining table to large table-based. Chinese food recipes are complex, slow to serve, plus guests like to chat, a meal often can only receive a group of customers.

Operating profit does not depend on the number of diners, but on the level of consumption.

Restaurant table selection size to consider the size of the restaurant, in the case of the size allowed to choose more efficient use of the size, while taking into account the guests ' comfort and service convenience or not.