The Technology And Difference Of The Two Materials Of Outdoor Iron Furniture

- Oct 15, 2018-

Wrought Iron outdoor Furniture: In recent years, outdoor furniture series of iron art tables and chairs in the market proportion of more and more, more and more sales fees are friends began to favor iron furniture, because of its changeable style, durable, and from the shape of the iron products elegant atmosphere. With outdoor waterproof cushion, not only stable structure, beautiful appearance, will feel comfortable.

Wrought iron products from the process are divided into the following two major categories:

One is Forge is to hand-based production of iron products, the iron products are characterized by a relatively pure material, low carbon content, its products work is very delicate, fine workmanship, smooth surface is also very rich, is the first choice of home decoration. So what is the basis of this kind of wrought iron products in the firm of its own grade? The first is to look at the product itself is not very smooth material, the product surface whether there is a bump, paint spray is smooth, the effect of painting is a match, these are just the surface of the problem, there is to see whether its products are formed radian smooth natural, flower-shaped around whether symmetrical, polished is smooth,

Good iron products in the grinding time is not to hurt the pipe, the other is welded, high-grade iron products in the front of the product is not to see the welding point, in short, high-grade iron products to the people feel is very noble, very comfortable! The product design is filled with a kind of Reiki, the song has straight, straight in the song!

The other is cast iron or cast aluminum

This kind of iron products are used a mold to fix the molding, the appearance of such products are mostly rough, straightforward lines, the overall product cumbersome, this kind of product price is not high, it is easy to rust! Cast steel products compared to cast iron product appearance slightly smooth and delicate. Sometimes these two processes will also be combined in a product, forged iron products and castings of iron products, the combination of the two, more can embody the iron art wrought iron furniture real artistic beauty!