The Application And Superiority Of Aluminum Alloy Material In Outdoor Furniture

- Oct 15, 2018-

Within the outdoor furniture industry. The metal skeleton of outdoor furniture generally take aluminum alloy as the main material, aluminum hafnium gold material outdoor furniture metal material occupies absolute proportion. In the production of imitation rattan furniture, aluminum alloy as a common material in the daily work has appeared.

Small series in the past are in imitation of rattan materials, technology, conservation and other knowledge, today, we put the aluminum alloy material and its role in rattan furniture and the majority of friends to share.

Aluminum frame material characteristics and advantages Aluminum Alloy: Pure aluminum is a very light metal, its density is 2.702 g/cubic centimeter. Because the surface is easy to form dense alumina film, can prevent the internal metal further oxidation, so aluminum anti-atmospheric decay performance is good.

This is an important condition for long-term use of rattan furniture outdoors. Pure aluminum density is low, it is easy to withstand a variety of molding process, but its strength is low, so pure aluminum must undergo cold deformation hardening or alloying to improve strength, can become a structural material. The alloy elements commonly used in aluminum are copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese, zinc, etc., the addition of these alloying elements is what we often call "aluminum alloy." Aluminum alloy for the metal skeleton of outdoor rattan furniture to become the first choice for outdoor furniture manufacturers.