Classification Of Outdoor Leisure Tables And Chairs

- Oct 15, 2018-

Outdoor Leisure table and chair types, the general introduction to the outdoor table and chair classification situation.

Outdoor tables and chairs according to the material can be divided into the following categories:

1. Rattan table and Chair To PE, PP, PO and other organic compounds as raw materials made of imitation rattan woven tables and chairs.

Imitation rattan more durable than the natural vine, waterproof and windproof sunscreen better, easier to maintain;

2. aluminum alloy table and chair The frame is aluminum alloy, with double tube and single tube, the structure of double tube is stronger and stronger.

The table and chairs of aluminum alloy materials are the mainstream of outdoor leisure tables and chairs, the main reason is waterproof, not susceptible to environmental corrosion.

3. solid wood table and chair Solid wood tables and chairs according to different materials and contains numerous categories, Manchurian ash, Zaomu, Walnut wood, Catalpa wood, teak, oak, ebony and so on. Solid wood tables and chairs are characterized by good feel, environmental protection, but also many shortcomings, long-term outdoor prone to cracking, skin, etc., so the general wood outdoor tables and chairs to do surface treatment.

In recent years due to the rise in wood prices, solid wood tables and chairs prices have risen.

4. Plastic table and Chair Plastic tables and chairs are characterized by waterproof and anti-grease super good, so large stalls and other places to see, humid places such as beaches, swimming pools and other places also used it. Many people think that plastic tables and chairs are too thin, not strong enough, but it is not true. Plastic loungers, plastic chairs and so on are very strong, as long as not malicious destruction, life expectancy is infinite.

But the winter time-varying brittle, easy to break, so to timely close the warehouse.

5. cast aluminum cast iron table and chair Casting tables and chairs are outdoor leisure tables and chairs in the upstart, elegant style, excellent performance, strong structure, noble atmosphere, used for high-end villas and private gardens and other occasions.