Tables and chairs for outdoor leisure furniture--General dimensions

- Oct 15, 2018-

General size reference range for chairs

Noun Explanation:

Seat Height: The vertical distance between the sitting face and the ground. Usually used to sit high as a chair. The height of the seat should be less than the vertical distance from the popliteal fossa of the seated calf to the ground.

Suitable to sit high reference point: sitting height = Calf popliteal fossa + (25~35) mm heel high-(10~20) mm. National standard: Chair class sitting high for 400~440mm.

For leisure use seating (chaise longue, rocking chair, sofa, etc.) generally take 360~380mm (excluding material elasticity allowance) if thicker soft material is used, the limit of elastic sinking should be used as the criterion.

Seated Depth: The front of the chair sits to the back edge.

The frontier leaves the shank 60mm.

Rest equipment is not less than 460mm advisable;

Lightweight sofa 480~500mm, medium sofa 500~530mm.

Seat width: The front width is wide before sitting, the width after sitting is wide, not less than 430mm.

The armchair is wide as the width of the armrest, not less than 460mm.

Sit bevel and Back bevel:

Sit facing back tilt and horizontal angle, back tilt and horizontal angle.

The dining chair is angled 2°~7°; back bevel 104°~108° (72°~76°),

The sofa sits angled 4°~7°, the back bevel 106°~112° (68°~74°),

The reclining seat is angled 6°~15°; the back bevel 112°~120° (60°~68°).


Armrest height is 250mm.

NET armrest: The dining chair is 480mm~530mm, the sofa is 520 mm ~600 mm.

Armrest tilt: positive or negative 10°~20°

Elastic sinking: Generally 70mm, large sofa for the ~120mm mm, the back of the upper elastic compression of a mm ~45mm.