Outdoor furniture is a kind of life attitude of leisure

- Oct 15, 2018-

Outdoor furniture is a reflection of life and leisure. Comfort, thoughtfulness, taste has become a new development direction of outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture shows the extreme comfort, like parents to give children warm soft embrace. From the outdoor furniture Design Center and centre of Gravity: we can reflect the outdoor furniture design to the meticulous care of people, so that the product actively to adapt to people.

Let the busy of you in leisure time can indulge in relaxation. Outdoor table and chair skeleton and shell use aluminum material, the local shape and scale of the chair have a great influence on the use. such as: It determines the height of the backrest and armrest. From the human anatomy of the characteristics of the human hip muscle is rich and solid, the body is more capable of pressure of one of the parts.

So the right seating should be designed so that the weight of the upper body rests on the bones of the hips.

(a) sitting too high sitting face too tall so that both legs floating, then not only the leg muscles under pressure, and the upper leg, the lower leg and the back muscles are pulled state, not long will be tired.

(b) Sitting too low when sitting low to the knee angle or less than 90 ° when the body pressure is too concentrated, abdominal muscle production squeeze can not guarantee the lumbar callosum of the appropriate state of the vertebrae, affect the back muscles, increase the load time of the back muscles, will make people suffer from pain and discomfort caused by fatigue.

 (c) The width of the sitting face, refers to sitting face of the front length of the width is too narrow, in addition to feel restrained can not be properly used outside, the muscles on both sides of the body will be squeezed feeling; the width of the sitting face is too wide, the two arms must be extended outward, so that the dorsal broad muscle and shoulder deltoid muscle and other

Both of these are prone to fatigue.

(4) The length of the backrest dynamic range is large, can not be set back, static work and dynamic rest to obtain the corresponding support without prejudice to work and activities appropriate, the backrest height can be lower by the front, the second lumbar gradually increased, higher can reach the scapula, neck, and static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head. In the leisure, also must emphasize the grade and the artistic conception. Whether it is at home balcony, garden or seaside, in our relaxed, outdoor furniture grades often will affect your mood. High-grade outdoor furniture, both in design and material workmanship, can give you a visual enjoyment. In the natural landscape, coupled with high-grade design, more special show urban life of high-quality life fun.