How to maintain the dining table and chair daily?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Small series for your search and organize the table Chair maintenance of 6 small knowledge.

1. Avoid placing cups and cutlery with hot or warm soup directly on the table, and should be separated from the tabletop by a coaster or thermal pad.

2. Because of the long-heat device on the table, leaving a white circle traces, cotton can be stained with camphor oil to wipe, along the traces of white dirt like a circle to wipe back and forth, should be easy to remove traces.

3. Glass table of white scale, as long as the white dirt to pour some oil stains, and then wipe off with the old stockings.

4. The color of the wooden table chair can be used to dye in the scratch of the action of complementary colors, and so on after the dye dried, and then evenly upper light wax.

5. As the restaurant location is usually located in the kitchen next door, so the table and chair easily contaminated with fumes, users should be diligent to wipe, to reduce the dust adhesion, easy to clean up later. 6. To avoid oil contamination is difficult to remove, may wish to use the Chair cover to protect Your love chair, in the careless dirty, just remove the chair cover to clean, convenient and easy, not hurt the dining chair.