How to maintain a wooden dining table

- Oct 15, 2018-

Dining room tables and chairs have their own unique characteristics, including tables, dining chairs, tables, chairs and other furniture products. Restaurant tables and chairs generally based on solid wood, because the natural wood is constantly breathing organisms, it must be placed in a warm and humid environment, so for the dining table and chairs for cleaning and maintenance is essential, and is very important.

The following small series for you to explain the restaurant table and chairs cleaning and maintenance measures.

1, the dining table and chairs to maintain moisture Restaurant tables and chairs can not be moist moisture to provide, that is, you can not simply wipe with a damp cloth, but should choose professional furniture care Essential oil, it contains easy to be absorbed by wood fiber natural orange oil, can lock the water in the wood, to prevent the wood cracking deformation, while nourishing wood, from inside to outside make wood furniture replay luster, prolong the service life of the dining table and chairs.

2, dining table and chairs to avoid direct sunlight

If the fine dining table and chairs have been exposed to the sun, prone to local fading, wood is too dry, prone to cracks.

3, the dining table and chairs to prevent dust Generally used mahogany, teak, oak, walnut and other high-grade wood restaurant tables and chairs are beautifully carved decoration, such as can not regularly clean ash, small cracks prone to ash effect beautiful, while the dust is to make wooden restaurant tables and chairs quickly become old killer.