Brushed stainless steel dining table and chairs popular

- Oct 15, 2018-

Many customers in the selection of stainless steel dining table and chair, only pay attention to the material, but ignore the color of choice.

General stainless steel surface treatment is divided into primary processing, polished brushed and light (mirror) effect.

The primary color is not processed: stainless steel is not processed, the direct shipment, this shortcoming is not beautiful;

Polished brushed effect: This effect is Matt, it looks very elegant, high-grade, but not Yan;

Polished Gloss Effect: This effect a lot of customers like, because a look on the know is stainless steel, and very bright, in fact, this is not suitable for the restaurant, because the light (mirror) effect will reflect. Now popular on the market is the stainless steel drawing column of fast food tables and chairs.